Power rock band Join the Wolf Pack is a new initiative of singer, composer and front man Roland Brons.
9 Years after the tragic death of Dutch Rock ‘n Roll legend Herman Brood, Brons was asked to join the former band of Herman Brood’s Wild Romance as lead singer/guitarist for a European tour. With the Wild Romance (Romanza Brava) Brons successfully played major festivals en venues all over Europe for 5 years, like Paradiso Amsterdam, La Salla Spain, Magnet Festival Amsterdam (with Nina Hagen), Eric Burdon and the Animals Legends Festival and national Radio 3FM live.

In 2016 Brons starts the power rock band Join the Wolf Pack, a razor sharp highly energetic rock band with an unrivalled live stage performance. Join The Wolf Pack consists of four seasoned musicians from the (inter)national music scene.

The influence of bands like Herman Brood, Foo Fighters, Steve Lukather and Neil Young. Is clearly heard in this band. Join the Wolf Pack is certainly not a cover band, they play new and old material in their own power rock style.
The band combines the pure Rock ’n Roll of Roland and the melodic lead guitar of RP with the tight rhythm section of bass player Prashant and drummer Fabyan to a razor sharp energetic rock show. Modern times revive in this new band.

Lately the band gets lots of attention, good reviews and a growing number of fans is visiting their concerts. Their tour schedule is getting busier and the band is working on new material and their new single “Wasted Words”.
Join the Wolf Pack is a true live band and offers their fans a challenging rock show.

Already the band performed at major venues and festivals a.o. De Boerderij Zoetermeer, Poppodium Xinix, JJ Music House, Paard Den Haag, RTV West Live radio, Parkroad Café, Countdown Café Q Factory, The Waterhole, Rock Café Taste and was headliner on several festivals such as Woodstock aan de Waal, Hoekstock festival, Bevrijdingsfestival Den Helder, JJ Music House Festival and The Hague  Haagse Hoed festival.

This year the band will also play in Belgium, Germany and probably the UK.
Join the Wolf Pack will also be touring with the Steve Fister Band in Holland and Germany.